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Indigenous Health Equity

Four 1-hour webinars

As Canadians learn about ‘truth and reconciliation’, health equity for Indigenous people has become a focus in formal and informal settings. The PHESC project has developed an Indigenous-led stream that will help individuals learn more about Indigenous peoples and the challenges, successes, and strategies that may assist people who work with Indigenous peoples living in First Nations communities and in urban settings.


PHESC has recorded four webinars as part of this stream:

  • A 2 Spirited Story of Gender, Sexuality and Traditional Roles for Health Care Providers
  • Seeing through Two Eyes: Indigenous and Public Health
  • Being Healthy Together/Mamwi: Indigenous Engagement and Planning in Public Health
  • Decolonizing Data: Principles for Public Health Research Involving Indigenous Communities 


All pre-readings, webinar recordings, an online talking circle, and an extensive list of suggested resources for further exploration are now online in our Indigenous Health Equity course. By signing up for the course, you'll also receive a certificate of completion upon watching all four webinars (approximately 4 hours total). You need to register to access these materials, but it is a quick and easy process (and free). If you've already registered, look for the Login link near the top-right of your screen.

Register or return to the Indigenous Health Equity course materials

In 2019, we held online talking circles for the Indigenous Health Equity course to answer questions, explore ideas, share reflections, and more. If you enrol in the Indigenous Health Equity course, you can view the talking circle questions and answers, transcripts, and videos from March 2019 as well as links to several Indigenous resources."

If you'd like to view the videos only, you'll find them below under "Recordings".


Thank you/merci/miigwetch (Ojibwe)/ masi chok (Dene)/ ish nish (Nakota)/ Ay Ay (Cree)