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11:00 AM EST

Webinar - Seeing through Two Eyes: Indigenous and Public Health

Approximate run time: 40 minutes

Date: Friday February 15, 2019 at 11:00am EST

Presenter: Angela Mashford-Pringle

Abstract: The purpose of this webinar is to introduce participants to Indigenous knowledges and illustrate their relevance to public health practice. Indigenous knowledges are important and valid ways of knowing that are companions to, rather than opponents of, western science. The path forward requires the development of ongoing, respectful, and reciprocal relationships between public health units and local Indigenous communities, so that holistic and collaborative public health programs can be developed and implemented in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

Recommended Reading: Indigenous Ally Toolkit

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Thank you/merci/miigwetch (Ojibwe)/ masi chok (Dene)/ ish nish (Nakota)/ Ay Ay (Cree)