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December 12 2019

This week on Tenfold - Engaging People Who Use Substances: A Needs Assessment Project in Guelph

In this episode of our podcast Tenfold, Andrea has a conversation with Kyley Alderson from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit about a needs assessment Kyley was recently a part of.

The community engagement approach to conducting the needs assessment had several benefits:

  • Planning: Approaches for the surveys were well planned out for the survey audience.
  • Recruitment: Peer researchers helped with recruitment and led recruitment in ways that were appropriate for them and the audience. Peer researchers had trust and relationships with the audience, which allowed respondents to answer questions in open and honest ways.  
  • Shared language: Peer researchers understand language around using substances, which helped with designing the survey questions and conducting the interviews.
  • Analyzing and interpreting results: Having peer researchers who really understand the context helped with interpretation of the data and choosing what to highlight.
Visit to listen to the episode or download it on your preferred podcatcher!

Inequity and Intersectionality

Given all the holidays that happen around this time of year, it's a good time to think about inequity and intersectionality and how these concepts play out in Canada today.

Here are a few resources from PHESC partners:

IXe Congrès international d'épidémiologie à Québec

Le IXe Congrès international d'épidémiologie aura lieu à Québec du18 au 20 août 2020 et a comme thème « Épidémiologie et santé publique : union des forces en francophonie ».

Un appel à résumé est présentement en cours pour des communications orales et par affiches. Date limite : le 28 janvier 2020.

Site web du congrès

Call for Content: 2020 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

8 & 9 June 2020, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Deadline for submissions: 15 March 2020

The 2020 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum is seeking contributions for content, which addresses the overall theme of Welcoming New Talent, Skills and Perspectives, and links to the subthemes of:
  • Structures – What (for example: supports for training, recruiting and retention of knowledge mobilization specialists)
  • Processes – How (for example: toolboxes, networks, communities of practice, training)
  • Technology – Technology and Tools (for example: social media, apps, software, knowledge boards, database mining, CRM programs)