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December 20 2018


The National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health has announced dates and opened registration for their on-demand webinar series on health equity issues. The on-demand webinar content is geared to anyone who needs a refresher on terminology or who would like to have a good orientation to the required approaches in the Guidelines.

After viewing the on-demand content, registrants for each on-demand webinar will be invited to discuss concepts learned and review practical issues in an interactive format using the NCCDH’s Health Equity Clicks: Community. Each conversation will take place over a one-week period after each on-demand webinar is made available.

The full webinar series:

  1. Introduction to Health Equity (available 14 January) 
  2. Assessing and reporting on health inequities (available 21 January) 
  3. Equitable public health interventions and strategies to engage populations (available 21 January)
  4. Moving upstream: Working across sectors to decrease health inequities (available 28 January)
  5. Policy development and knowledge exchange to decrease health inequities (available 28 January)
  6. Racial Health Equity: Embracing a decolonial, anti-racist practice (available 4 February)

Full details and registration

Workshops: Shifting towards a culture of racial equity in the Ontario public health system

These in-person full-day workshops will help participants better understand how to apply the requirements of the Ontario Public Health Standards and the Ontario Health Equity Guideline, 2018 (Guideline) through a racial health equity lens. 

Locations and dates:

  • London - 7 February 
  • Ottawa - 13 February 
  • Peterborough - 21 February  
  • Sudbury - 1 March 
  • Toronto - 26 March 

Full details and registration

Effective community engagement and partnerships

A webinar from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools - Self-Evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership / Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat

 27 February 2019, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST | Register
Access the tool: Self-evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership

Français :
28 février 2019 13:00 - 14:30 HNE | Inscrivez-vous
Accéder à l’Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat 

How can the Self-evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership help you? 

Public health professionals collaborate with others and participate in partnerships throughout their careers. This tool allows members of partnerships to evaluate themselves and learn about the requirements for effective partnership work. This tool is an English translation/adaptation of the Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat, created in French, in Québec, in 2008. It is now available in both official languages and can facilitate bilingual evaluation within or across partnerships. The target audience for the Self-evaluation Tool for Action in Partnership also includes any members of a partnership who have decided to participate in self-evaluation.

Comment l’Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat peut-il vous aider? 

Les professionnels de la santé publique collaborent avec d’autres personnes et participent à des partenariats tout au long de leur carrière. Cet outil permet aux membres de partenariats de poser un diagnostic sur leur partenariat et d’apprendre à connaître les conditions d’efficacité de l’action en partenariat. Cet outil est aujourd’hui offert dans les deux langues officielles et peut faciliter une évaluation bilingue d’un ou de plusieurs partenariats. Le public cible de l’Outil diagnostique de l’action en partenariat comprend aussi tous les membres d’un partenariat ayant décidé de poser un diagnostic sur celui-ci.