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December 5 2019

This week on Tenfold - From the boardroom to the kitchen table: Niagara’s Lived Experience Advisory Network

Tune in to the latest episode of our podcast, Tenfold, where Andrea is joined by Brandon Agnew and Donna Mills from Niagara Region Public Health and community member Jennifer Symonds to talk about Niagara Region’s Lived Experience Advisory Network (LEAN).

We end the episode with advice for listeners to consider as they engage people with lived experienced. Jennifer’s advice is to “just do it”: the benefits outweigh any risks or challenges. Donna’s advice is to make the engagement authentic and be ready to implement the advice and suggestions that you receive. Brandon’s advice is see the gifts and talents that people have, as opposed to the deficits. 

To learn more about LEAN, listen to the episode on PHESC's website or download it on your preferred podcatcher! 

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If Tenfold is new to you, there's also our introductory episode Welcome to Tenfold.

And if podcasts themselves are new to you: How to Listen to Podcasts (a guide for absolute beginners)

Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi is available to answer your questions on her webinar An Introduction to Social Determinants of Health

As we announced last week, Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi's introductory talk on the Social Determinants of Health is now available as the opening webinar in our series on reflective/reflexive public health practice. This offering includes questions to consider before watching the video, the 40 minute video itself, and questions to reflect on after viewing the content. Finally, we'll reach out in three months to see how these reflections have impacted your practice. The purpose of these exercises is to help you pause, reflect and engage with the content.

Until December 13, Dr. Siddiqi will be available online to answer your questions so we recommend signing up now to have the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion!

We hope that these webinars will encourage you to ask courageous questions, collaborate with others, and explore these areas in more depth.

Enroll today!

Upcoming webinars from the National Collaborating Centre on Methods and Tools

Topic-Specific Methods and Tools to Support Evidence-Informed Decision Making - Dementia caregiving as a public health priority: how can help?

12 December 2019
2:30-4:00 pm (EST)

Join Drs. Anthony Levinson and Richard Sztramko as they discuss why dementia, caregiver wellness, and brain health are important public health issues. Learn about the evidence regarding the effectiveness of web-based caregiver education. Explore the many features of iGeriCare, which includes ten multi-media lessons, curated resources, and is host to live, online events where viewers can interact directly with experts in dementia and geriatrics.

More information and registration

Peer-to-Peer Webinar Series: Success Stories in Evidence-Informed Decision Making - The development and implementation of standards in prenatal, postpartum and early childhood public health nurse practice in Manitoba

23 January 2020
1:00-2:00 pm (EST)

Presented by: Dr. Cheryl Cusack, Jodi Unger, Breanna Harms, and April Gage
Before 2013, there were no national public health nurse competencies for prenatal, postpartum and early childhood periods. Learn about how Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living developed and implemented standards for prenatal, postpartum, and early childhood public health nurses to address this gap.

More information and registration | Read the full story in the third issue of the Evidence-Informed Decision Making Casebook