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Episode Notes - Season 3

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Welcome to Season 3 of Tenfold

Photo of Andrea BodkinAbout Andrea:

Andrea Bodkin is a health promoter who supports public health units in Ontario on a variety of topics such as planning, evaluation, partnerships and community engagement. Podcasting has been a dream of Andrea’s and she’s thrilled to be a part of the PHESC team bringing Tenfold to you.




1. Vaccine mini-series: Equity-focused vaccinations

This is the first episode of Season 3 and also the first episode in our mini-series on community engagement and vaccinations. In this episode, Samiya Abdi from Public Health Ontario joins Andrea to talk about equity-by-design vaccination approaches. Andrea also talks about the mini-series and who we will hear from in future episodes.

To learn more about Samiya and her work, listen to season 2 episode 9 on The Power of Language in Community Engagement.  You can learn more about COVID-19  and equity considerations on Public Health Ontario's website.  You can find Samiya on Twitter @samiya_ph and reach her via email at

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2. Vaccine mini-series: Wise practicesfor COVID vaccinators

Nicole Blackman, Provincial Director of the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) joins Andrea to talk about vaccinations and Indigenous communities. They discuss medical mistrust and the history between Indigenous communities, government and academic instructions that contribute to it. Nicole shares several different approaches for organizations to work with communities in a good way to deliver vaccinations.

To learn more about these wise practices, watch IPHCC's webinar and visit the website for more resources.

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3. Vaccine mini-series: Smudge COVID: an Indigenous youth-led project

Nikki Sengupta from the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council talks about a youth-led vaccine advocacy campaign.  Youth ambassador Dakota Boyer participated in the project and shares her ideas on making projects youth-led. #SmudgeCovid #4MyRelations #indigenousyouth4vaccines is a social media campaign on , Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok that aims to increase knowledge and understanding of vaccines, build vaccine confidence and reduce hesitancy among Indigenous youth from 15-24 years old. The project is funded by the National Reconciliation Program of Save the Children Canada.

Learn more about the program and watch an amazing series of digital stories created by youth in the project by following @IPHCC_ca on Twitter or IPHCC on Twitter and Instagram. Look for the #SmudgeCovid #4MyRelations #indigenousyouth4vaccines hashtags!

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4. Vaccine Mini-series: Focusing on disproportionately affected communities

In this episode, three members from the Ottawa Health Team join Andrea to talk about their work in supporting disproportionately affected communities. Kelli Tonner and Soraya Allibhai from the South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre and Karim Mekki from  Ottawa Public Health share how working directly with communities has enabled partners from the Ottawa Health Team to inform them, support them, and vaccinate them.

You can learn more about the Ottawa Health Team on their website. You can also read about the Community Development Framework that was establish prior to the pandemic and provided a foundation for their work. 

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5. Vaccine Mini-series:COVID-19 outreach in Peel Region

In this week’s minisode, Andrea sits on her bedroom floor and muses about the role of social inclusion as a determinant of health. For more information, read about the United Kingdom’s Campaign to ENDLoneliness, WHO’s social exclusion resources, and the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health’s 2017 report, Connected Communities: Healthier Together

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6. Vaccine Mini-series wrap up

Samiya Abdi is back on the podcast to debrief the COVID-19 vaccine mini-series with host Andrea Bodkin.

You can find Samiya on Twitter @Samiya_PH and Andrea on Twitter @andreabodkin and the podcast on Twitter @PodTenfold.

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7. We are Bruce now: talking engagement with Ottawa Public Health's social media team

This episode features the Social Media Team from Ottawa Public Health. Jason Haug, Kevin Parent, and Amanda Higginson joined Andrea to talk about how they use social media to engage community, and the broader lessons that can be applied to community engagement. They also discuss the famous Super Bowl tweet and how they worked with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds on this video. 

Further Resources:

@OttawaHealth and @OttawaSanté on Twitter, and Ottawa Health and Ottawa Santé on Facebook.

You can find Parenting in Ottawa on Facebook and Instagram and The Link Ottawa on Instagram and Tiktok. Aging Well in Ottawa is on Facebook


Read one of Andrea’s favourite threads about poop (or more precisely, waste water testing), and this MACLEAN’S article about the team’s work. 

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8. Community Engagement for Health Equity

Dianne Oickle from the National Collaborating Centre for the Determinants of Health joins Andrea to discuss a new resource : Let’s talk community engagement for health equity.  Dianne talks about how community engagement has shifted for her over the course of her career, and how the resource was developed using community engagement practices. 

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9. Putting citizens at the centre of post-pandemic recovery

In this episode, Andrea is joined by Heather Keam, Team Lead of the Cities Deepening Communities Cities Deepening Community project at the Tamarack Institute. Heather recently published an article, co-authored with Jonathan Massimi, called Asset-Based Community Recovery Framework. The framework presented in the resource is built on four dimensions of community capacity: human, physical, social and economic capacity. The framework takes an asset-based community development approach, that focuses on the assets that are present in community, allows communities to be more resilient, and puts citizen at the centre. 

Learn more about Tamarack at or @Tamarack_Inst on Twitter. You can find Heather at

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10. Engaging Community in Research: the Tackling TB Stigma Project

In this episode, three people from the Access Alliance join Andrea to talk about embedding community in research. In a recent research project done by the Access Alliance on the topic of tackling tuberculosis stigma, community was engaged at every step of the process. proejct Leads Shafeeq Armstrong and Jessica Kwan along with Knowledge. Mobilization and Social Action Coordinator Miranda Saroli each share about the project and what they learned from it. Read more about the project here

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11. Season 3 Wrap-up with Dr. Karl Kabasele

In this episode, Dr Karl Kabasele from the Race, Health and Happiness podcast joins Andrea to wrap-up season 3.  We do not know what the future has in store for Tenfold! Stay tuned for updates. We can't wrap up the season without a huge thank you to all of our guests, our sound engineer and editor, Obadiah George, and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health who produces the podcast.

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