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New Respect Indigenous Cultural Safety

Cultural safety (CS) is a growing field that aims to improve the relations between non-Indigenous and Indigenous people; however, there is little consensus about how to effectively provide CS training and how to subsequently evaluate the effectiveness of the training, specifically with regard to the intrapersonal changes that can occur when someone has received appropriate and effective training. Our research goal is twofold: first, to provide widely accessible foundational and profession-specific online CS training; and second, to evaluate the changes to social, physical, emotional, and spiritual behaviour of our participants after receiving the training. This project will identify the best ways to use online platforms to deliver effective, Indigenous-led cultural safety content both to Health Service Professionals -- including Nurses, Physicians and Social Workers – and to Educators. This project is currently being developed and registration will open for UofT Staff and Students of these health professions to Pilot in Winter 2022. After the course has been evaluated and revised, it will then be open for Public Registration beginning Spring 2022. For information about related projects, please click here.

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Angela Mashford Pringle
Primary contact:
Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle
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