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New Respect Indigenous Cultural Safety

What is Cultural Safety?

When an educator/practitioner/professional can communicate competently with a patient in that patient’s social, political, linguistic, economic and spiritual realm.

It involves moving beyond the concept of cultural sensitivity to analyzing power imbalances, institutional discrimination, colonization and colonial relationships as they apply to health care


Course Objectives   

To address systemic anti-Indigenous racism by providing content that both embeds Power, Privilege and Positionality (the 3 Ps) and prompts critical self-reflection throughout. Participants are expected to enhance three skill-sets for working with Indigenous peoples: 

  • (1) culturally sensitive communication; 
  • (2) effective collaboration; and 
  • (3) respectful community engagement.


Course Origin

  • Builds on eCampus Ontario ​​micro-credential course (developed for a small Public Health unit in Southern
  •  Will be housed on Public Health Training for   Equitable Systems Change (PHESC) website:


Course Instruction ​

  • ​​Online and self-directed ​
  • 24 to 36 hours in length
  • Equivalent of a graduate-level university course
  • Asynchronous videos, online readings, and quizzes 



The New Respect Indigenous Cultural Safety courses has limited access, please contact

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Angela Mashford Pringle
Primary contact:
Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle
for more information.