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October 24 2019

Cross-sector Collaboration for Health Equity and Intersectionality

Given our Federal election results, we feel it's a good time to highlight PHESC's materials on cross-sector collaboration for health equity and intersectionality.

First Steps


Training Opportunities


Further Reading


Exploring Further

  • See the information on health equity in governance and leadership in the section on health equity overall.

Visit our Health Equity topic page to see these materials and learning pathways for other topics related to the Health Equity Foundational Standard.

This week on Tenfold - Engaging with Indigenous Communities in a Good Way

In this episode of our podcast, Andrea chats with Nicole Blackman from Durham Region Health Department about engaging with Indigenous communities. Nicole has three pieces of advice:

  • Take time to build relationships
  • Take time to learn about Indigenous communities
  • Focus the collaboration on community wants and needs, rather than on the goals of the organization/program


To learn more, listen to the latest episode on PHESC's website or download it on your preferred podcatcher!

Webinar: Implications of Health Inequities for Health Promotion and Public Health Policy

Presented by the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health on October 31, 1pm-2pm EDT. 

This webinar will explore the status of health inequities in Canada and the implications for both health promotion practice and policy-level decisions. Speakers will reflect on seven key approaches in health promotion practice directed towards reducing health inequities, with a focus on the influence of public policy and power structures.

The event will also include a discussion of policy decisions around health system restructuring on inequities, as well as public health action to address these decisions. Practice-based examples, barriers to and opportunities for action by health promotion and public health professionals will also be explored.

More information and registration

Covering in the workplace: A podcast series by Narjis Premjee

Enjoying our Tenfold podcast? Here's another podcast you might enjoy.

“Covering” refers to the ways in which an individual conceals certain aspects of their identity in public due to a fear of backlash, discrimination, and/or bias. Those who cover are ultimately prevented from expressing their authentic selves in a variety of contexts. In the context of a work environment, covering can not only harm the individual but also hinder an organization’s ability to create an authentic culture of inclusion.

In this podcast, MBA Student Fellow Narjis Premjee interviews individuals who have covered or uncovered certain aspects of their identity in the workplace, such as their religion, ethnicity, marital status, disabilities, and sexual orientation.

Listen to the podcast series