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The Power of Connection: a conversation with Pete Bombaci of the GenWell Project

In this episode, Pete Bombaci, founder of the GenWell Project, joins Andrea to talk about human connection and face to face social connection. In this global pandemic, in the time of physical distancing, the importance of GenWell Projecthuman connection and interaction is more im


About Pete:Pete Bombaci

Pete is the founder of The GenWell Project and is proud to be leading a campaign that he truly believes can make the world a happier and healthier place. The campaign idea, in the making for over a decade, was inspired by the events that Pete witnessed during blackout back in 2003. Kindness, generosity, empathy and connection. We live in a fast paced and distracted world and sometimes we just need a reminder or an excuse to take the time to do the thing that will make us and those around us happier and healthier.

Having spent time in the for profit and not for profit worlds, he believes that there is a great opportunity to connect those two worlds in driving both purpose and profit for the benefit of everyone.

You can find out more about Pete on his Linked in profile here.

You can reach out to Pete at

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