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Community led initiatives - with Lisa Attygale

This episode, Lisa Attygale from Tamarack joins Andrea to talk about her new paper: Understanding Community-LedLisa Atygale Approaches to Community Change. Lisa began researching for this paper when she noticed that organizations often use the term “community led” when the activities they called community led had a range, and many wouldn’t be classified as community led. Lisa reviewed 67 organizations that described themselves as community led approaches, and mapped their approaches from grass-roots approaches to consultation. Lisa strongly felt that we needed to gain understanding of the term “community led” and developed a spectrum to capture these approaches: from community informed to community owned to community shaped to community driven.

Lisa and Andrea talk about community led approaches, some of the barriers organizations might face in implementing them, and the role of power in working with community.


Useful reading and resources

Read Lisa’s paper here and of course check out Tamarack’s multiple resources on community engagement and collective impact Finally, check out Tamarack’s new Foundations of Community Engagement online course 

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