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The role of community engagement in sustainability - with Jillian Kranias

In this episode guest-host Jillian Kranias talks with regular host Andrea Bodkin, about a recently published systematic review on sustainable health promotion programs, co-authored with Shawn Hakimi. The review identified 14 factors that can promote health promotion program sustainability, two of which are related to community engagement:

Fit and alignment refer to alignment between the program and the host organization’s mandate, as well as community needs, priorities and opinions.

Partnership with stakeholders, staff and community. The level of involvement of partners and communities impacted sustainability: for example, participatory planning, shared decision-making, and participatory budgeting.  

Papers referenced in this episode:     

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Additional helpful resources:

Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSAT)

Survive and Thrive: Three steps to securing a program’s sustainability.

Participatory Evaluation Toolkit

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